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Category: "Windows"

Upgrade Ubuntu on WSL2 Janne Kemppainen |

If you search for Ubuntu distributions on the Microsoft Store you’ll notice that only the long term support LTS releases are included. In this post I’ll show you how you can upgrade to the latest release, if you need to.

Use Make on Windows Janne Kemppainen |

Make is an incredibly powerful tool for managing application compilation, testing and installation, or even setting up the development environment. It comes standard on Linux and macOS, and it is therefore widely adopted. But how can you get started with Make on Windows?

Stop Ctrl+Shift from Switching Keyboard Layout in Windows 10 Janne Kemppainen |

Since I’m using two languages and two different keyboard layouts on Windows I’ve been experiencing weird issues with unexpected layout switches. Turns out that Windows has a handy little shortcut Ctrl + Shift that toggles between keyboard layouts. This is incredibly easy to do accidentally when you’re switching between tabs on a web browser. Luckily this feature can be disabled!

Where's My Storage? Investigating an Almost Full C: Drive Janne Kemppainen |

Even though my Windows desktop has multiple hard drives and SSD’s it seems that I’m running out of space on the system drive. In this post I’m investigating why I’m running out of free space and what can I safely remove.

Why Hyper-V Didn't Work on My Windows? Janne Kemppainen |

Sometimes computer problems just make you feel stupid. Today was one of those times so I thought I’d make a short write-up about what happened when I was trying to install Docker on Windows.