On this page you can find a list of some useful resources.

On this site

Learn Git

Git is an immensely important tool for software developers so check out these tutorials to get you started:

Create your own blog

Follow the Blog with Hugo series to build your own blog or other website.

External services

Domain names

After searching for domain name registrars for a while I finally found Porkbun which I used to register this domain. They offer competitive pricing and domain privacy comes for free. For example a .com domain costs $8.56/year. Naturally you can also register a more personal domain such as .design, .wiki, .ink, .dev, .stream, etc.

They also have shared WordPress hosting for $10/month if that’s something you need, I haven’t tried them for hosting yet.

You can support this site by using this link when registering or transferring a domain

If you don’t wish to support me use this link instead:

Static website hosting

I am using Netlify for hosting this website. It’s free!