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Category: "Tutorials"

Dockerize Your Python Applications (Flask example) Janne Kemppainen |

Nowadays Docker containers seem to be all around us. With the rise of Kubernetes they are now even more relevant in businesses that choose to run their processes in public or private clouds.

Another trending thing in the development world is Python which is especially huge in the machine learning field. In this post I’ll show you how to containerize your Python application in just a few minutes.

Create Diagrams That Look Like Hand-drawn

Get started with Excalidraw

Janne Kemppainen |

Yesterday I heard about an open source project called Excalidraw which is an app that lets you draw diagrams that look like they were done by hand. Its development started on January 1st, and now 25 days later it has already had 44 contributors and 2.5k stars on GitHub.

Even though it is still quite new and actively under development the results are already quite impressive so I felt the need to piece together a small “tutorial” to show you what it can be used for. If you want to create cool looking flow charts or other diagrams this might be all you need!

Vim for Git Users

All you need to know to commit

Janne Kemppainen |

Have you ever typed git commit without -m and felt powerless after being trapped inside of Vim (or Vi) with no way out? I’m here to help you!

I’ve been there and I remember searching for how to exit Vim without even considering the option to actually learn to use it. After finally taking the time to learn the Vim keybindings I’m now using them in other applications too!

Git Essentials for Beginners Janne Kemppainen | This subject has been touched by many people before me but I still decided to give my input so that I can have a reference for the readers of this blog. The idea is to get you started fast with Git so in this post we’ll go through the absolute basics and you’ll learn by doing yourself. What is a version control system? If you are new to all of this a version control system (VCS) in short is a piece of software that keeps track of changes in text files such as source code.